Book Reading & Discussions

September 2017
Thursday, September, 21, 7:00 pm Zohra Drif: Memoirs of Algeria's Freedom Struggle
March 2015
Wednesday, March, 4, 7:00 pm Amara Lakhous: Award-Winning Algerian Author Presents a Trilogy of Works
September 2012
Thursday, September, 6, 7:00 pm Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire By Deepa Kumar
December 2011
Thursday, December, 8, 7:00 pm Hisham Matar, Author of In the Country of Men and Anatomy of Disappearance
November 2011
Thursday, November, 10, 7:00 pm SASI and 3rd i NY present: What it Means to be a Muslim in India Today, by Shabnam Hashmi
April 2011
Tuesday, April, 19, 8:00 pm Re-imagining Palestine in the New Configuration of the Arab world
December 2010
Friday, December, 10, 7:00 pm Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel's War Against the Palestinians, by Ilan Pappé
September 2010
Tuesday, September, 28, 7:00 pm Moustafa Bayoumi, Max Blumenthal, Arun Gupta, Rashid Khalidi, on the Impact of Gaza Freedom Flotilla
July 2009
Thursday, July, 30, 7:00 pm The Archival Fever of the Nakba - The Memoirs of Mohammed Khachan
June 2009
Thursday, June, 25, 7:00 pm Iran Un-interrupted: A Discussion with Professor Hamid Dabashi
May 2009
Saturday, May, 2, 6:30 pm We Are Gaza
March 2009
Monday, March, 16, 7:00 pm Egyptian Novelist Sonallah Ibrahim
September 2008
Wednesday, September, 10, 8:00 pm How Does It Feel To Be A Problem by Moustafa Bayoumi
March 2008
Monday, March, 31, 7:00 pm City of Widows: An Iraqi Woman's Account of War and Resistance by Haifa Zangana
January 2008
Thursday, January, 31, 7:00 pm On Torture: From Algiers to Baghdad
December 2007
Tuesday, December, 11, 7:00 pm The New York Times' Coverage of the Middle East
June 2007
Thursday, June, 14, 7:00 pm Book Reading/Discussion with Gamal el-Ghitani
November 2006
Monday, November, 6, 7:00 pm Book Reading and Discussion with Rashid Khalidi
October 2006
Monday, October, 16, 6:30 pm Tariq Ali
March 2006
Sunday, March, 26, 6:00 pm Suhail Shadoud
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