Musical Performances

December 2017
Saturday, December, 16, 8:00 pm Sanamika Quartet - Persian Meets Jazz
November 2017
Saturday, November, 18, 8:00 pm Adam Maalouf and Future Tribe
Saturday, November, 4, 8:00 pm Ensemble Fanaa
October 2017
Saturday, October, 21, 8:00 pm Emta al-Zamaan
Saturday, October, 14, 8:00 pm Pop up concert with Fabrizio Cassol and guests, including Amir ElSaffar and Miles Okazaki
June 2017
Friday, June, 16, 6:00 pm "Amir ElSaffar's Rivers of Sound Album Release Preview Concert at the River to River Festival"
March 2017
Saturday, March, 25, 8:00 pm The Golden Age of the Egyptian Oud with Tarek Abdallah and Adel Shams El-Din
January 2017
Saturday, January, 14, 8:00 pm SOLD OUT -Muwashshahat from Aleppo in the Golden Age of Syrian Music
December 2016
Friday, December, 16, 8:00 pm Mediterranean Pulse: Ritmi Della Terra
Saturday, December, 3, 8:00 pm Pejman Tadayon Ensemble - Persian Sufi Music
October 2016
Friday, October, 14, 8:00 pm Amir ElSaffar and Rivers of Sound
September 2016
Saturday, September, 17, 8:00 pm Syrian oud virtuoso Kenan Adnawi with Naseem AlAtrash and Tony Barhoum
June 2016
Saturday, June, 18, 9:30 pm Songs of the Arabian Peninsula, Vocals on Guitar and Oud
Friday, June, 17, 6:00 pm Abdulrahman AlAkhfash: NATIONAL TOUR OF THE SONGS OF YEMEN
Thursday, June, 2, 8:00 pm “Chaabana”: lila performed by Moroccan group Innov Gnawa
May 2016
Saturday, May, 28, 8:00 pm RAJAS: led by mrudangam artist Rajna Swaminathan
Tuesday, May, 3, 8:00 pm Alwan Ensemble presents the poetry of Ibn Arabi
April 2016
Saturday, April, 23, 8:00 pm Delicate Textures of Classical Heritage: Egyptian Music with Tarek Abdallah and Adel Shams El-Din
March 2016
Saturday, March, 26, 8:00 pm Celebrating Sounds of the Spirits of North Africa with Innov Gnawa
Saturday, March, 12, 8:00 pm Composer, guitarist and singer Yousif Yaseen presents: Visions
December 2015
Saturday, December, 12, 8:00 pm Flying Street, with Sam Shalabi on oud and Stefan Christoff on piano
Saturday, December, 5, 8:00 pm George Ziadeh Performs Classical Poetry of Omar Al Khayyam and Ahmed Shawqi
November 2015
Saturday, November, 21, 8:00 pm The Song of Sana'a with Abdulrahman Al Akhfash
October 2015
Saturday, October, 17, 8:00 pm An Evening of Flamenco with Arturo Martínez and the Espiritu Gitano Ensemble
Saturday, October, 3, 8:00 pm Kenan Adnawi and the Alfaia Quartet
September 2015
Thursday, September, 17, 8:00 pm Amir ElSaffar and the Two Rivers Ensemble
June 2015
Saturday, June, 27, 8:00 pm The Columbia University Middle Eastern Music Ensemble
Saturday, June, 13, 8:00 pm Alwan Alumna Aliya Cycon presents 'The Aliya Cycon Project'
May 2015
Saturday, May, 30, 8:00 pm Syrian Pianist Riyad Nicolas Presents Romantic and Arab Compositions
Saturday, May, 2, 8:00 pm New Andalucia: Re-Encounter of Flamenco and Arab Music
March 2015
Saturday, March, 28, 8:00 pm The Rich Sounds of the Yemenite Musical Tradition with Abdulrahman Al Akhfash
February 2015
Saturday, February, 28, 8:00 pm Farah Siraj Celebrates New Album Release "Dunya"
Saturday, February, 21, 8:00 pm 'Oud Maestro and Composer Issam Rafea Performs Taqsim & Original Compositions
January 2015
Saturday, January, 24, 8:00 pm George Ziadeh & String Quartet Perform Arab-Islamic Poetry
Friday, January, 9, 7:00 pm 4th Annual Maqam Fest (Official Showcase of APAP Conference) 2015
November 2014
Saturday, November, 1, 8:00 pm Navid Kandelousi in Concert with Special Guest Sina Sarlark
October 2014
Saturday, October, 25, 8:00 pm Armen Donelian Trio: Songs Of My Ancestors
Saturday, October, 11, 8:00 pm Syrian Trio "Hewar" in Concert at Alwan
Friday, October, 3, 8:00 pm Anna and Anais
September 2014
Saturday, September, 27, 8:00 pm Huda Asfour's Quartet Presents "Mosaic"
Saturday, September, 20, 8:00 pm Renowned Yemeni Musician and Vocalist Abdulrahman al-Akhfash
May 2014
Saturday, May, 31, 2:00 pm Alwan Arab Music Ensemble Performing at Middle Country Public Library in Special Concert
Friday, May, 23, 8:00 pm Javier Ruibal in Concert at Alwan
Saturday, May, 3, 8:00 pm Fathy Salama, Egyptian Grammy Award-winner at Alwan for the Arts
April 2014
Saturday, April, 19, 8:00 pm Gaida and Her Band
Thursday, April, 17, 8:00 pm Original Works of Syrian Classical Music Composer Zaid Jabri
Saturday, April, 12, 8:00 pm Jussi Reijonen: UN
March 2014
Saturday, March, 1, 8:00 pm Damascene Kinan Idnawi in Solo 'Oud Concert
February 2014
Friday, February, 28, 8:00 pm En Chordais: An Evening of Mixed Classical & Contemporary Mediterranean Traditions
Saturday, February, 15, 8:00 pm Joseph Tawadros Trio
January 2014
Friday, January, 10, 7:00 pm Third Annual Maqam Fest (Official Showcase of APAP Conference)
December 2013
Saturday, December, 14, 8:00 pm Alwan Ensemble: The Rahbani Brothers with Vocalists Salma Habib and George Ziadeh
Sunday, December, 8, 7:00 pm Sound: the Encounter New Music from Iran and Syria
November 2013
Saturday, November, 23, 8:00 pm Rajas: Exploring the Sounds of India
Saturday, November, 9, 8:00 pm "Nashaz" by Nashaz (New Album Release)
Sunday, November, 3, 7:00 pm Charbel Rouhana: Solo 'Oud Concert with the Alwan Ensemble
October 2013
Saturday, October, 26, 8:00 pm Salaam "Train to Basra" New Album Release
Thursday, October, 3, 8:00 pm Tunisian Vocalist Sonia M'Barek in Concert with 'Oud Accompanist Kinan Idnawi and the Alwan Ensemble
September 2013
Friday, September, 27, 8:00 pm Nawal: the Voice of Comoros
Friday, September, 13, 8:00 pm Alwan Poetics: A Series of Verse and Music- Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿari
August 2013
Thursday, August, 22, 8:00 pm Final Concert with "The Other Point of View" and Guests
June 2013
Saturday, June, 29, 8:00 pm The Alwan Arab Music Ensemble Featuring the Music of Sheikh Imam
Saturday, June, 1, 8:00 pm Javier Ruibal
May 2013
Saturday, May, 18, 8:00 pm Ahmad Gamal Presents an Evening with Egyptian Composers
April 2013
Saturday, April, 27, 8:00 pm Damascene Night: Nabil Maleh's Syrian Films Followed By Alwan Ensemble's Syrian Music
Saturday, April, 20, 9:00 pm Espiritu Gitano
Saturday, April, 6, 8:00 pm Maurice Chedid
February 2013
Sunday, February, 17, 7:00 pm New Sounds from the Arab Lands (A World Premiere Concert Series)
Saturday, February, 9, 8:00 pm Farah Siraj
January 2013
Friday, January, 11, 7:30 pm Second Annual Maqam Fest
December 2012
Saturday, December, 15, 8:00 pm Tarek Yamani Trio Album Release (an Alwan Premiere)
November 2012
Saturday, November, 17, 8:00 pm George Ziadeh Performs a Night of Tarab
October 2012
Saturday, October, 20, 8:00 pm Gaida: A Tribute Concert
Sunday, October, 14, 5:00 pm Safaafir Presents Iraqi Maqam
September 2012
Friday, September, 7, 8:00 pm Alwan Arab Music Ensemble
June 2012
Friday, June, 22, 9:00 pm Two Rivers performs "Inana"
Saturday, June, 16, 9:00 pm Arturo Martinez "Espiritu Gitano": Fela-menguz (Fugitive Peasant)
Saturday, June, 9, 9:00 pm CANCELED: Kiran Ahluwalia and Rez Abbasi
Friday, June, 1, 9:00 pm SEVDAH SONGS with Merima Ključo and Eva Salina Primack
May 2012
Friday, May, 25, 9:00 pm Mavrothi Kontanis and the Maeandros Ensemble
Sunday, May, 20, 4:00 pm Music Student Recital
Friday, May, 18, 7:30 pm POSTPONED Music of Syria with Lubana Al Quntar (US debut) and Youssef Shamoun
Saturday, May, 12, 9:00 pm An Evening of Tarab with George Ziadeh
Saturday, May, 5, 9:00 pm Alan Kushan, santur: Traditional to Avant-Garde Persian Music
April 2012
Sunday, April, 29, 7:00 pm Marcel Khalife - Fall of the Moon: An Homage to Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish
Saturday, April, 21, 9:00 pm NEW ANDALUCÍA: Flamenco Meets Arab Music
Sunday, April, 15, 2:00 pm Alwan Arab Music Ensemble at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
March 2012
Friday, March, 23, 7:00 pm Tunisian Vocalist Sonia M'Barek in a Concert of Andalusian Muwashahat
Saturday, March, 17, 9:00 pm SSAHHA, part of the Maqam Jazz Series
Saturday, March, 10, 9:00 pm Flamenco Avenue Quartet (FAQ)
Saturday, March, 3, 9:00 pm Ahmad Gamal sings Sayyed Darwish
February 2012
Saturday, February, 11, 9:00 pm Joseph and James Tawadros, 'Oud and Percussion
Saturday, February, 4, 9:00 pm Sukoon, Music from Lebanon
January 2012
Saturday, January, 28, 7:00 pm Gaida and her ensemble, Levantine Indulgence (at Joe's Pub)
Friday, January, 6, 7:30 pm Maqam Fest
December 2011
Friday, December, 9, 9:00 pm The Other Point of View
Saturday, December, 3, 9:00 pm From Spain: JAVIER RUIBAL - A Magical Journey Through the Music of Andalusia
November 2011
Saturday, November, 19, 9:00 pm Naji Youssef sings the Songs of Wadi Al-Safi, the "Voice of Lebanon"
Friday, November, 11, 9:00 pm Whacha-maqam-it: Shusmo Gets Mumtastic with Classical Arabic Funk
Friday, November, 4, 9:00 pm Ahmet Erdoğdular - Istanbul Improvisations, with Turkish ney master Ömer Erdoğdular
Friday, November, 4, 5:00 pm Alwan Arab Music Ensemble at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (November 4th & 5th)
October 2011
Friday, October, 14, 9:00 pm San‘ani Song: Urban Art Music of Yemen with Ammar Mohammed Hayel
Saturday, October, 8, 9:00 pm Youssef Kassab and Zikrayat pay tribute to Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab
September 2011
Sunday, September, 18, 7:30 pm Sabina Rakcheyeva Ensemble Launches the Album ‘UnVeiled’
July 2011
Friday, July, 1, 8:00 pm Safaafir Presents: Iraqi Maqam
May 2011
Saturday, May, 14, 9:00 pm Najib Bahri's El Amal - A Tribute to Tunisia
Friday, May, 6, 9:00 pm From Beirut to Paris: Global Expressions with Ibrahim Maalouf
April 2011
Saturday, April, 30, 9:00 pm Alwan Festival of Sacred Music - From Iran: Negar Bouban - Spring's Echo
Friday, April, 8, 9:00 pm Near East Meets Near West - Arab Music by West Coast Musicians, featuring Souhail Kaspar
March 2011
Thursday, March, 24, 8:00 pm John Kameel Farah - Between Carthage and Rome: New Works for Piano & Electronics
Saturday, March, 12, 9:00 pm POSTPONED Alwan Festival of Sacred Music presents TARAB: Lifting the Veil of the Senses - Arab Sufi
Saturday, March, 5, 9:00 pm Alwan Festival of Sacred Music presents Roopa Mahadevan: Devotional Music of South India
February 2011
Saturday, February, 26, 9:00 pm Alwan Festival of Sacred Music presents Naji Youssef: Melkite & Maronite Hymns and Chants
Saturday, February, 19, 9:00 pm Alwan Festival of Sacred Music presents A.J. Racy: The Soul Remembers
Thursday, February, 3, 6:00 pm A 90th Birthday Celebration for Egyptian Composer Halim El-Dabh
January 2011
Saturday, January, 29, 8:00 pm An evening of Indian Classical Sitar Music with Ikhlaq Hussain
December 2010
Saturday, December, 11, 9:00 pm Amazigh Music of Morocco
Saturday, December, 4, 9:00 pm An Evening of Tarab with Singer George Ziadeh
November 2010
Sunday, November, 21, 8:00 pm Sabina Rakcheyeva Ensemble, featuring Kinan Azmeh
Saturday, November, 13, 9:00 pm Wind of Anatolia - Turkish Folk Music
October 2010
Saturday, October, 23, 9:00 pm Master Vocalist YOUSSEF KASSAB, featuring Zikrayat and special guest Salma Habib
Friday, October, 8, 9:00 pm Alsarah and The Nubatones (Debut) and The Sounds of Taraab
Friday, October, 1, 9:00 pm An Evening of Hindustani Classical Music with Pandit Samar Saha and Shrimati Madhumita Saha
September 2010
Saturday, September, 25, 9:00 pm Malika Zarra - Jewel of Morocco
Saturday, September, 18, 9:00 pm EVENT CANCELLED - From Iran - Ensemble Raah (New York debut)
July 2010
Friday, July, 16, 9:00 pm A New York Evening of Arab Music
June 2010
Saturday, June, 26, 9:00 pm The Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble
Saturday, June, 19, 9:00 pm From Turkey - Pianist Hakan Ali Toker (NYC Debut)
Saturday, June, 12, 9:00 pm Gaida - Layali El-Uns, Series Debut
Friday, June, 4, 9:00 pm Souren Baronian's "Taksim"
May 2010
Saturday, May, 29, 9:00 pm Safaafir - A Night of Iraqi Maqam
Saturday, May, 22, 9:00 pm Singer Elizabeth Ayoub ~ "Sin Fronteras" (Without Borders/بدون حدود) - NYC Debut
Friday, May, 21, 9:00 pm May Nasr
Friday, May, 14, 9:00 pm The Poetry of Ahmed Fouad Negm and Compositions of Sheikh Imam
Sunday, May, 9, 7:30 pm George Ziadeh - An Evening of Tarab: Adwaar, Muwashshahat & Umm Kulthoum - Back By Popular Demand!
April 2010
Friday, April, 30, 8:30 pm Ara Dinkjian & Friends - An Armenian in New York
Saturday, April, 24, 9:00 pm NEW ANDALUCÍA: Flamenco Meets Arab Music
Saturday, April, 17, 9:00 pm From Rabat to Baghdad: An Evening of Arab Folk Music
Saturday, April, 10, 9:00 pm Pianist and Composer John Kameel Farah Performs "Unfolding"
March 2010
Saturday, March, 27, 9:00 pm A Kurdish Newroz Celebration
Friday, March, 26, 9:00 pm Kinan Azmeh's CityBand
Friday, March, 5, 9:00 pm George Ziadeh & Friends - From Al Andalus to Oum Kulthoum
February 2010
Saturday, February, 27, 9:00 pm SHUSMO - Arab Maqam meets Jazz
Saturday, February, 6, 9:00 pm Band of Brothers - Joseph & James Tawadros, 'Oud and Percussion
January 2010
Friday, January, 8, 8:00 pm Ode Panos - Pan's Song Across the Mediterranean
December 2009
Saturday, December, 19, 9:00 pm Women’s Visions: A Festival Across Genres and Traditions: From Iran, Negar Booban: "Shab e Yalda"
Thursday, December, 17, 8:00 pm Women’s Visions: May Nasr & Lourdes Pérez POSTPONED
Friday, December, 11, 9:00 pm Women’s Visions: A Festival Across Genres and Traditions: Singer Salma Habib, U.S. S
November 2009
Saturday, November, 14, 9:00 pm Ahmet Erdoğdular - Songs of Istanbul
Saturday, November, 7, 9:00 pm Zikrayat presents: Egypt in the Golden Age - A Multimedia Presentation of Music, Dance, and Film
October 2009
Friday, October, 16, 9:00 pm Gaida & The ILHAM Ensemble
Friday, October, 2, 9:00 pm Re-Encounters Series: THREE OUDS - Armenian, Egyptian and Greek
September 2009
Saturday, September, 26, 9:00 pm Pandit Samar Saha, Tabla with Andrew Shantz, Harmonium
June 2009
Friday, June, 19, 9:00 pm Amir ElSaffar and Hafez Modirzadeh - Expansions on the Maqam and Dastgah
Saturday, June, 6, 9:00 pm Gaida and Anwar Diab Agha, with Faisal Zedan: An Evening of Arab Classics
May 2009
Saturday, May, 30, 9:00 pm Jazz Meets The Near East Festival: Souren Baronian and "Taksim"
Saturday, May, 16, 9:00 pm Master Percussionist Souhail Kaspar and Rachid Halihal: An Evening from the Gulf
Saturday, May, 9, 9:00 pm Jazz Meets The Near East Festival: CYMINOLOGY - U.S. Release of "As Ney"
Saturday, May, 2, 9:00 pm Jazz Meets The Near East Festival: Mohammad Kundos and MOCHILA - CD Release of "Green Bullets"
April 2009
Saturday, April, 25, 9:00 pm Re-Encounters on the Silk Road: Arab, Indian, Turkish and Kurdish Music
Saturday, April, 18, 9:00 pm "Bint Loubnan": Lebanese Singer May Nasr
Friday, April, 3, 9:00 pm Andrew Shantz: Colors of Tarab
March 2009
Saturday, March, 28, 9:00 pm Mavrothi Kontanis and the Maeandros Ensemble ~ A Night at the Café Aman
Saturday, March, 14, 9:00 pm The New York Gypsy All-Stars Band
Monday, March, 9, 8:30 pm Oriental Music Ensemble of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music-Palestine
February 2009
Saturday, February, 21, 8:00 pm "Call to XIZIR" - Kurdish Elewi Music
Thursday, February, 19, 9:30 pm Gaida at Joe's Pub
January 2009
Saturday, January, 31, 9:00 pm The Sounds of Taraab - Music from Zanzibar, Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam
Saturday, January, 24, 9:00 pm Al-Andalus: Classical & Folk Traditions from Morocco, with Rachid Halihal and Brahim Fribgane
Saturday, January, 17, 8:00 pm The New York Arabic Orchestra - Bassam Saba, Director
Saturday, January, 10, 9:00 pm Benefit Concert for Dimitri Mikelis
December 2008
Saturday, December, 20, 9:00 pm Arturo Martínez and Ensemble ("Espíritu Gitano"): The Roots of Flamenco
Saturday, December, 6, 8:00 pm The Music of Halim El-Dabh and Mohammed Fairouz, with Special Guest, Kinan Azmeh
November 2008
Saturday, November, 22, 9:00 pm The Vocal Mastery of Youssef Kassab
Saturday, November, 15, 9:00 pm Najib Bahri & Friends: Classical & Folkloric Music of Tunisia
Saturday, November, 8, 8:00 pm The Mimesis Ensemble
October 2008
Saturday, October, 25, 9:00 pm Berber Music of Morocco and the Middle Atlas
Friday, October, 17, 8:00 pm Zikrayat, with Special Guest Master Percussionist Faisal Zedan
September 2008
Friday, September, 26, 9:30 pm Glen Velez: Sacred Frame Drums
Saturday, September, 20, 9:30 pm Re-Encounter: Senegalese Mourid and Moroccan Gnawa Music
Saturday, September, 13, 9:30 pm Tarab: Sufi Chants and Church Hymns
Friday, September, 12, 9:30 pm Karyshma: Hindu Hymns and Qawwali Chants
August 2008
Saturday, August, 9, 8:00 pm An Evening of Hindustani Classical Music
June 2008
Saturday, June, 21, 9:00 pm Yathrib: Michel Sajrawy & Friends
Friday, June, 13, 9:00 pm Mavrothi Kontanis: Classic Songs of the Aegean
May 2008
Saturday, May, 24, 9:00 pm NYC Jazz Meets Maqam Festival: Two Rivers
Saturday, May, 17, 9:00 pm NYC Jazz Meets Maqam Festival: Anti-Elevator Mission
Saturday, May, 10, 9:00 pm NYC Jazz Meets Maqam Festival: Ilham
Saturday, May, 3, 9:00 pm NYC Jazz Meets Maqam Festival: Kinan Azmeh & Trio
April 2008
Friday, April, 25, 8:00 pm Music From The Fringes Festival: Feria De Sevilla
Saturday, April, 12, 9:00 pm Music From The Fringes Festival: Zanzibar, New York
Saturday, April, 5, 9:00 pm Music From The Fringes Festival: An Armenian In New York
March 2008
Saturday, March, 29, 9:00 pm Diverse Traditions: Arab Folk Music in Regional Expression
Saturday, March, 22, 9:00 pm Kurdish Musical Celebration of Newroz
Saturday, March, 1, 9:00 pm Safaafir: Iraqi Maqam and Folk Music
February 2008
Saturday, February, 23, 9:00 pm Ayyoub: Arab Music In The New York Mix
Saturday, February, 16, 9:00 pm Café Aman: An Evening of Aegean Rebetiko
Saturday, February, 9, 9:00 pm A Night in Lebanon: Melchite Hymns and Folk Songs
Saturday, February, 2, 9:00 pm Afro-Peruvian Night At Alwan
January 2008
Saturday, January, 26, 9:00 pm An Evening with The New York Arabic Orchestra Conducted by Bassam Saba
December 2007
Saturday, December, 8, 9:00 pm Persian Classical Music
Friday, December, 7, 9:00 pm ARAB PERCUSSION: From Purist to Hybrid
November 2007
Friday, November, 30, 9:00 pm FROM THE OCEAN TO THE GULF: An Evening Of Arab Folk Music
Saturday, November, 17, 9:00 pm Zikrayat: An Evening of Music in Cairo
Saturday, November, 10, 9:00 pm TRIBUTE TO MOHAMED ABDEL WAHAB
October 2007
Saturday, October, 27, 9:00 pm Three Ouds: Arab, Greek and Armenian
Thursday, October, 25, 7:00 pm THE OUM KULTHUM ORCHESTRA
Saturday, October, 20, 9:00 pm Arab Buzuq, Turkish Saz and Greek Bouzouki: Re-encounters Series
Saturday, October, 6, 9:30 pm Alwan Festival of Sacred Music: Arab Sufi Music With Tarab
September 2007
Saturday, September, 29, 9:30 pm Alwan Festival of Sacred Music: Gnawa Music of Morocco
Friday, September, 21, 9:30 pm Indian devotional music
Saturday, September, 15, 9:30 pm Glen Velez with Lori Cotler
July 2007
Friday, July, 13, 9:00 pm May Nasr - The great voice from Lebanon
June 2007
Saturday, June, 23, 9:00 pm Nawal: The Voice of Comoros
Thursday, June, 21, 9:00 pm An Evening of Afro-Peruvian Music With Afrodita
Saturday, June, 16, 9:00 pm Shusmo: Arabic Maqam Blends with Modern Jazz
Saturday, June, 9, 9:00 pm A Tribute To Farid El-Atrache by Najeeb Shaheen
Saturday, June, 2, 9:00 pm Rhythms of The Maghreb with Najib Bahri
May 2007
Friday, May, 18, 9:00 pm From Aleppo To Alexandria: Arab Classical and Folk Music
Saturday, May, 12, 9:00 pm CYMINOLOGY launch their new album Per Se
Friday, May, 4, 9:00 pm Classical Ottoman Music
April 2007
Saturday, April, 28, 9:00 pm Zyriab's Path to New Andalucia: Arab Music and Flamenco in New York
Saturday, April, 21, 9:00 pm Gaida: Music from the Arab World
Saturday, April, 14, 9:00 pm Two Rivers: Iraqi Maqam meets Jazz
March 2007
Friday, March, 30, 9:00 pm Re-Encounter: The Arab Oud, Persian Tar, Indian Sitar
Saturday, March, 24, 9:00 pm Dr. Alfred Gamil
Friday, March, 23, 9:00 pm A Percussion Encounter: Egypt, India, Peru
February 2007
Saturday, February, 10, 9:00 pm Najeeb Shaheen
Saturday, February, 3, 9:00 pm Afrodita
January 2007
Friday, January, 26, 9:00 pm From Anatolia to Athens - Folk and Urban Music of the Aegean
December 2006
Saturday, December, 2, 9:00 pm Maqam Meets Rag: Indo-Arabic Classical Music
November 2006
Saturday, November, 18, 9:00 pm Glen Velez Frame Drum Ensemble
Saturday, November, 11, 9:00 pm Najeeb Shaheen
October 2006
Saturday, October, 21, 9:00 pm Tarab
Friday, October, 13, 9:00 pm Falu & Gaurav Shah
Friday, October, 6, 9:00 pm Ottoman Turkish Sufi Music with Ismail Hakki Cimen
Sunday, October, 1, 7:30 pm George Lamman & Ancient Future
September 2006
Saturday, September, 30, 9:30 pm Persian Improvisations with Omid Lotfi
August 2006
Saturday, August, 26, 8:00 pm Héctor "Numa" Moraes
June 2006
Saturday, June, 24, 9:00 pm Alcatraz
Saturday, June, 17, 9:00 pm Safaafir
Saturday, June, 3, 9:00 pm May Nasr
May 2006
Friday, May, 19, 9:00 pm Shusmo
April 2006
Saturday, April, 29, 9:00 pm Kurdish Music
Sunday, April, 9, 7:00 pm Final Performance of Arab Music Workshop Led by Bassam Saba
March 2006
Saturday, March, 18, 8:00 pm Hedayat Shafeei & Ensemble
February 2006
Saturday, February, 25, 9:00 pm Glen Velez Shaman Drums
Wednesday, February, 22, 7:00 pm Oriental Music Ensemble
Saturday, February, 11, 9:00 pm An Evening of Zajal & Music
December 2005
Friday, December, 9, 9:00 pm Ayyoub
Saturday, December, 3, 9:00 pm Hedayat Shafei & Ensemble
October 2005
Friday, October, 28, 9:00 pm GAZPACHO ANDALU
Saturday, October, 15, 9:00 pm Amir El-Saffar
Saturday, October, 8, 9:00 pm DAM Palestinian Hip-Hop
July 2005
Friday, July, 22, 9:00 pm Arab Flamenco Music with Juanito Pascual and Abdul-Wahab Kayyali
June 2005
Friday, June, 24, 8:00 pm Elektra Kurtis and Ensemble Elektra
May 2005
Friday, May, 20, 8:00 pm Lefteris Bournias & Ensemble
Sunday, May, 15, 7:00 pm Moh Alileche
May 2004
March 2004
Friday, March, 26, 9:00 pm The SHARQ Arabic Music Ensemble
February 2004
Friday, February, 20, 9:00 pm IRAQI MAQAM MUSIC
December 2003
Saturday, December, 13, 9:30 pm KHALIJI Music from the Gulf
October 2003
Friday, October, 17, 8:00 pm An Evening of Classical and Folk Arab Music
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