Film Screening & Discussions

May 2018
Tuesday, May, 22, 7:00 pm Infiltrators by Khaled Jarrar
April 2018
Thursday, April, 26, 7:00 pm Zer by Kazım Öz
Wednesday, April, 25, 7:00 pm Once upon a Time by Kazım Öz 
Thursday, April, 19, 7:00 pm In the Last Days of the City by Tamer El Said
November 2017
Friday, November, 10, 6:00 pm Kurdish Film and Cultural Festival
June 2017
Thursday, June, 15, 9:00 pm Lost in Lebanon by Georgia and Sophia Scott
Friday, June, 9, 6:30 pm Nowhere to Hide by Zaradasht Ahmed
December 2016
Tuesday, December, 13, 7:00 pm Kafr Qasem
June 2016
Thursday, June, 16, 7:00 pm Narrow Streets of Bourj Hammoud by Joanne Nucho (Director in Attandance)
April 2016
Thursday, April, 21, 7:00 pm Witness Bahrain
November 2015
Tuesday, November, 24, 7:00 pm Forget Baghdad
October 2015
Thursday, October, 15, 7:00 pm Armenian Activists Now 2! March to Democracy
May 2015
Tuesday, May, 26, 7:00 pm Oscar-Nominated Bangladeshi Feature Film "Television" by Mostafa Sarwar Farooki
Monday, May, 11, 6:30 pm U.S. Premiere Screening of "The Narrow Frame of Midnight" by Tala Hadid at Lincoln Center
March 2015
Thursday, March, 19, 7:00 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: "Arwad" by Samer Najari and Dominique Chila
October 2014
Wednesday, October, 15, 7:00 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: Double Bill: "Take Me Home" & "Aisha's Journey"
Wednesday, October, 8, 7:00 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: "My Love Awaits Me By The Sea"
September 2014
Thursday, September, 25, 7:00 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: Double Bill: "Sheffield Steel, Yemeni Dreams" & "The Scream"
Tuesday, September, 23, 7:00 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: Double Bill "Days in The Heart of the Revolution" & "Socotra"
July 2014
Wednesday, July, 2, 8:00 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: DOCUNIGHT: "Lady of the Roses" & "Back Vocal"
June 2014
Thursday, June, 12, 7:00 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: The Uprising: the Arab Revolutions from the Inside
May 2014
Tuesday, May, 27, 6:30 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: DOCUNIGHT: Kahrizak, Four Views
Thursday, May, 22, 7:00 pm Alwan & 3rd i NY Present: "Flying Paper": Documentary Film from Gaza With Director Nitin Sawhney
March 2014
Wednesday, March, 19, 7:00 pm 3rd i NY & Alwan Present: "A Tale of Two Syrias" by Yasmin Fedda (Director & Actor in Attendance)
Alwan Auction 2016

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