Iqa'at wa Harakat: Rhythms and Dances Spring Session

Apr 16, 2011-Jun 11, 2011

Teachers: Ramzi Edlibi

Iqa'at wa harakat: Rhythms and Dances of the Middle East and North Africa resumes this Spring.

Saturdays April 16- June 11 ; 1:30-3:30 pm - Class and Jam Session; $18, or $80 for 5 classes

Pay at the door or purchase the 5-class package online(A small service charge applies - bring printout as proof of purchase.)

Class is open to students of all levels; both dancers and percussionists.

*No registration necessary; drop-ins welcome* 

Teacher Ramzi El Edlibi introduces a different folk dance and rhythm each class. Dances and rhythms taught include Moroccan raqsa, Arabian Peninsula social dance, Levantine dekbah, Iraqi shoby, Armenian tamzara, and Kurdish and Turkish halay.

Invited guest artists, such as Rachid Halial (Morocco) Mohamed Nabawy (Egypt) and Ozan Aksoy (Kurd/Turkey) co-teach their specialties.

More then a dance class, Ramzi creates a fun and participatory learning atmosphere where you'll enjoy homemade hummos and a jam session concluding each session. Unlike most classes that teach choreographed combinations or rhythm sequences without movement – here the two are integrated. Ramzi teaches the feeling, rhythm and movement of culturally specific dances similarly to how they would be learned in tradition.

Themes are also coordinated with special topic workshops that follow Ramzi's class on a monthly basis:

Don't miss the remaining two weeks in this rhythm and movement series:

June 4- Egyptian style zeffah (wedding procession), along with a review of Egyptian a'asa (stick dance/music) and beladi (beladi progression and dance).  All the basics for your next Egyptian wedding!  

June 11  - special guest Dr. Taoufiq Ben Amor teaches popular and Sufi rhythms from Tunisia such as Bounawwara, Hajjali, sallami, Btayhi and others. Taoufiq and Ramzi will lead us in appropriate movements and dances of a selection of these generes. 


April 16- Debkah followed by workshop with Salma Habib ; April 30- Khaliji "Sawt" (rhythm cycle, clapping and dance patterns) and a review of Debkah via Wadia' El Safy songs; May 21- Moroccan rhythms and dance followed by workshop on Guedra and Shikhat with Carolina Varga Dinicu (Morocco) May 27 - iraqi shoby including break down of rhythmic pattern and exploring wahda rhythm as used in tarab music and related dance.

For more information email Nicole Macotsis

View a clip of Edlibi's New York City-based company performing a debkah in the 1980s here

Ramzi El Edlibi

Dancer, Choreographer and Musician

Ramzi El Edlibi began his study of Arab dance and ballet at an early age in Lebanon with Mrs. Jarrar and Mr. Caracalla, historic figures in the development of Lebanese dance for the stage. Besides Edlibi’s formal training, social dances and music, such as debkah, were a part of everyday and night life.

Edlibi went on to perform dance with the leading vocalists and dance companies of the Arab World such as Feiruz, Sabah, Wadi Al-Safi and Caracalla Dance Theatre. He then traveled abroad to perform and teach,while civil war raged in Lebanon, learning other dance traditions along the way. Since establishing himself in the global city of New York, Eldibi has continued his dance career, researching and presenting dances and music of the world.

Edlibi is Artistic Director of Dance Around the World, an Arts in Education program that brings dance and music to public schools.

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