Iqa'at wa harakat: Rhythms and Dances of the Middle East and North Africa

Jan 21, 2012-Feb 25, 2012

Saturdays, 2:30 pm

Teachers: Ramzi Edlibi

Teacher Ramzi El Edlibi introduces a different folk dance and rhythm in each class.

This 6-week session will include Lebanese/Syrian al bedawi dabkeh, Beiruti candle and teacup dance, Yemeni/Khaliji rak-hah dance, Moroccan shaa'bi, Algerian rakset al khamsa wa khamsin, Egyptian assa and melaya dance, and possibly an Iranian dance.

Saturdays, January 21 through February 25, 2012

2:30-4:30 pm - $18* per class or $100 for full 6-class series.

*Some levels of membership eligible for discounts. 

Pay at the door or purchase the 6-class package online. (A small service charge applies - bring printout as proof of purchase.)

Class is open to students of all levels, both dancers and percussionists. Drop-ins welcome.

About the Instructor

Ramzi El EdlibiDancer, Choreographer and Musician

Ramzi El Edlibi began his study of Arab dance and ballet at an early age in Lebanon with Mrs. Jarrar and Mr. Caracalla, historic figures in the development of Lebanese dance for the stage. In addition to Edlibi’s formal training, social dances and music, such as debkah, were a part of everyday and night life.

Edlibi went on to perform dance with the leading vocalists and dance companies of the Arab World such as Fairuz, Sabah, Wadi Al-Safi and Caracalla Dance Theatre. He then traveled abroad to perform and teach,while civil war raged in Lebanon, learning other dance traditions along the way. Since establishing himself in the global city of New York, Eldibi has continued his dance career, researching and presenting dances and music of the world.

Edlibi is Artistic Director of Dance Around the World, an Arts in Education program that brings dance and music to public schools.

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