Alwan Intensive Spoken Levantine Arabic Weekend Courses: Summer 2013

Jun 15, 2013-Jun 30, 2013

Teachers: Iman Meiki

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Over one weekend you will learn how to carry on basic conversations in spoken Levantine Arabic, introduce yourself, ask questions, and use greetings and expressions. Courses will also use supplementary material to provide a general introduction to the Arabic culture, music and cinema through the use of different audio video resources.
1) Intensive Spoken Levantine Arabic, Level I

Saturday-Sunday, 11:00am-5:30pm | June 15 - June 16, 2013
Intensive Weekend Tuition Fee: $600

Over one weekend you will learn how to carry on a basic conversation, introduce yourself, ask questions, use greetings and expressions in Levantine Arabic and gain a basic understanding of Arabic customs and culture.

Instructor: Iman Meiki
No Prerequisites Required

2) Intensive Spoken Levantine Arabic, Level II (Advanced)   

Saturday-Sunday, 11:00am-5:30pm | June 29 - June 30, 2013
Intensive Weekend Tuition Fee: $600

Join this on-the-go course where you can practice and improve your Arabic listening and spoken skills and expand your vocabulary, use new verbs, nouns and new greetings. This course also offers students the opportunity to  discuss topics related to the Middle East, customs, culture, music , films , based on the use of different audio video resources.

Instructor: Iman Meiki
Prerequisites Required: Level 1 spoken Arabic , or previous knowledge / experience in spoken Arabic


About the Courses Coordinator and Instructor
Iman Maiki, Alwan for the Arts Language Coordinator has taught in her native Palestine, England and in the US. In New York, Ms. Meiki has taught at Columbia University, New York University (NYU), New School University, Queens College and at Alwan for the Arts.


To register for a course, please contact Alwan Arabic Courses

Please provide checks or money orders payable to 'Alwan Foundation' for the full tuition on the first day of class, including a 50$ non-refundable registration fee.

Please also note that if you drop the class after the first session, you will be reimbursed tuition charges, minus the pro-rated cost of the first class. No reimbursements will be made after attending the second class.

Registration fees are non-refundable


If you decide to register after the first class meeting you will be expected to bring a full tuition check on the second day of the course.

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