Musical Performance: Fathy Salama, Egyptian Grammy Award-winner at Alwan for the Arts

Sat, May 3, 2014 8:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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The Arab World’s Only Grammy and BBC Awards Winner, Fathy Salama, at Alwan!

Producer, composer, arranger and pianist Fathy Salama has influenced the World Music scene immeasurably. His music reflects his experience of the Middle East and Europe, as he works tirelessly on bridging the gap between traditional and modern music from the Orient.

"There is nothing more interesting than forging new styles, and nothing more exciting," - Fathy Salama

$20 General | $15 for Students, Members and Seniors
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Doors open at 7:30pm

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About Fathy Salama

Fathy Salama is a Grammy-Award winning Egyptian musician who has put together two successful music ensembles, "Sharkiat" and "Gouzour." Inspired as a child by the works of Umm Kalthoum, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Farid El Atrash as well as Bartok and Tchaikovsky, Salama started his career at the age of six when he began playing the piano and by thirteen he was playing shows at numerous Cairo clubs. Salama went on to study jazz in Egypt and then continued to pursue his education in the United States, learning jazz with such talented artists as Barry Harris, Hal Galper, Malik Osman, Pat Patrick and Sun Ra.

Throughout his career, Salama has worked with a wide variety of musicians and dancers from around the world and composed music for Egyptian pop stars as well as directed a number of successful music and performance workshops. Fathy Salama has composed music for films, such as the score for “Al-Mosafer” (2008), and has been the artistic advisor of the “Jazz Factory”; the first international jazz festival in Egypt.

In 2004, Salama collaborated with Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour producing the album “Egypt” which received a Grammy and BBC Award for “Best Contemporary World Music Album” and toured throughout Africa, Europe and the United States.

His music reflects his experiences from the Orient and from Europe and encompasses both traditional and contemporary music forms from these regions creating a wholly unique sound and experience.


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