Film Program: Upheaval: Views of the Arab World

Fri, December 4, 2015 7:30 pm at Museum of the Moving Image

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Alwan for the Arts and the Museum of the Moving Image proudly present:

Upheaval: Views of the Arab World

December 4-5, 2015

Curated by Mais Darwazah, Filmmaker & Guest Curator, Alwan for the Arts

The civil strife and upheaval that characterises much of the Arab world today are depicted in these three outstanding films from Egypt and Tunisia. Together, these dramatic and documentary features highlight the intense and profound cultural reality and visceral artistic representations of a people defined by geography, language and culture. The films probe contemporary debates on identity, economic inequality, social and political justice, as well as traditional norms.

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Friday, December 4, 7:30 pm

Bastardo by Nejib Belkhadi

Feature | France, Qatar, Tunisia | 2013 | 106 min | Arabic with English subtitles

Bastardo is the story of Mohsen, ‘the bastard’, whose origins and history are unknown. He was found in a dustbin thirty years ago by his adoptive father and has always been excluded and rejected by the denizens of the rundown district he calls home. After being fired from his job, Mohsen, in cahoots with his friend Khlifa, places a mobile phone relay on the roof of his house for a substantial monthly payment. The tower allows the locals to have access to mobile phones for the first time.

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About the filmmaker

Nejib Belkadhi’s career began in acting, starring in cinema and theatre productions as well as television series. While working at Canal+ Horizons in 1998 he conceived, produced and co-presented the show Chams Alik (1999 to 2001) and subsequently co-founded Propaganda Production, an alternative and independent production company in 2002. His documentary feature, VHS-Kahloucha, screened to great acclaim at international film festivals including Cannes (2006), Philadelphia (2007), Sundance l (2007) and Dubai (2007).

Saturday, December 5, 2:00 pm

El Gort by Hamza el Ouni

Documentary | Tunisia | 2013 | 86 min | Arabic with English subtitles

This documentary follows the evolution of a group of young Tunisians working in the hay trade, tracking their movements and transformations between fragility and toughness, before and after the Tunisian revolution. The film is a six-year journey into the world of hay convoys, mapping the memories of a group of young men and told with uncompromising honesty and piercing modesty.

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About the filmmaker

Hamza el Ouni studied film at the Institut Maghrebin du Cinema and trained at the School of Arts and Cinema in Tunis, where he specialized in writing and filmmaking. El Gort is his first feature documentary, which had its world premiere at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

Saturday, December 5, 5:00 pm

The Trace of the Butterfly by Amal Ramsis

Documentary | Egypt, France, Turkey | 2014 | 68 min | Arabic with English subtitles

What does a butterfly leave behind when it flutters in the air around us? How do we experience its ethereal trace? The documentary begins with the Maspero massacre in Egypt in October 2011, which left 27 Coptic Christian demonstrators dead. Among those killed was Mina Daniel, known as the “Guevara of the Egyptian Revolution”. Over the course of a two-year journey of loss and triumph, his sister Mary guides us through the Egyptian Revolution. The Trace of the Butterfly is the story of the indelible mark left by people coming in and out of our lives.

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About the filmmaker

Amal Ramsis is an Egyptian filmmaker. She started her career as a lawyer, graduating from the Faculty of Law in Cairo in 1993. In 1992, she founded the Women’s Studies Centre, Maan (together), studying and analyzing the history of Egyptian women and their situation in society. In 2002, she received a scholarship from the Spanish Foreign Ministry to study film directing at the Septima Ars Cinema School in Madrid. Amal has made several short films and documentaries, including “Silence and Silver”, “Sea in Beirut” “Only Dreams”, “Life” and “Forbidden”.

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Bastardo, 2013
Bastardo, 2013
El Gort, 2013
El Gort, 2013
The Trace of the Butterfly, 2014
The Trace of the Butterfly, 2014

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