Musical Performance: SOLD OUT -Muwashshahat from Aleppo in the Golden Age of Syrian Music

Sat, January 14, 2017 8:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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PLEASE NOTE: This event is completely sold out. No door tickets available.

Alwan for the Arts presents Muwashshahat from Aleppo with Muhammad Qadri Dalal, a leading virtuoso on oud and one of the last true masters of improvisation in Arab music.

Muhammad Qadri Dalal is one of the few masters and voices dedicated to preserving, reviving and expanding the rich musical and cultural heritage of Aleppo, now under threat because of the prolonged conflict in Syria, the destruction of many of the city's neighborhoods and the dispersal and loss of many of its leading proponents.

Tickets: $20 General Admission| $15 Students and Seniors

Available online (Buy Now) or at the door

Doors open at 7:30pm

Aleppo has long served as the traditional center for Arab music in the Mashreq or Levant. The musical arts flourished there in the Ottoman era and up until the middle of the 20th century, often considered the Golden Age of Syrian music. The city is best known for having preserved and revived the performance of the muwashshah, a poetic-musical genre that originated in al-Andalus (medieval Iberia) as well as the eponymous qudud halabiyya, light and popular songs that enjoy wide appeal across the Arab world and internationally. Aleppo is also known for the art of improvisation and for a strong performance tradition that brought together artists from its many communities: Arab, Armenian, Jewish, Kurdish, Turkmen and others.

About the Artist

Muhammad Qadri Dalal (b. 1946, Aleppo) is one of the last true masters of improvisation in Arab music. Raised in the rich musical ambiance of Aleppo, Syria, Dalal from a young age was schooled in the complexities of Arab music and acquired an unparalleled mastery of its modal and rhythmic systems. He studied oud and Arab music theory with the master musician Bakri al-Kurdi, and also learned the viola, contrabass, and violin. Dalal has performed to wide acclaim as a soloist, ensemble member, and leader in Syria, across the Arab world, and around the world. He has worked with many of the leading artists in Syria, including Sabah Fakhri, Sabri Moudallal, and others.

Dalal is also skilled arranger, composer, teacher, and scholar of Arab music. His recordings include: Syria, Aleppo: Improvisations (winner of the Grand Prize of the Charles Cros Academy, 1988); Maqamat Insolites / Rares Modes (INEDIT, 2002); among others. Formerly the director of the Arab Conservatory and the Sabah Fakhri Conservatory in Aleppo, he is currently professor of oud, Oriental violin, and Arab music theory in Alexandria, Egypt. He resides part of the year in New Jersey, where he gives private lessons.


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Muhammad Qadri Dalal
Muhammad Qadri Dalal

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