Screening: NY Premiere of Personality: Destiny, Desire, Bollywood

Tue, September 18, 2007 7:00 pm at Two Boots Pioneer Theater

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A New Feature Documentary on the Lives of Bollywood Dancers

Tickets: $10 Adults / $6.50 Pioneer Members

Followed by FREE PIZZA & BEER/SODA at the Den of Cin

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(Vinay Chowdhry, India/USA, 2007, 90 mins, video, documentary)

Rajesh, a talented and hard-working dancer, moves to Bombay from his rural village to dance in Bollywood films. Under the tutelage of Sanjay, his outspoken yet introspective guru, Rajesh embarks on the journey to achieve his dream. Over the course of a year, Rajesh and Sanjay encounter the changing climate of globalized India and recognize that the new face of Bollywood does not include them. The struggle of dancers in India is no longer limited to aging out of the industry once they pass their prime physical peak; it is now compounded by a host of other factors like the color of their skin, their urban (global) hipness, their ability to speak English, and their aesthetic beauty - what is collectively known in the industry as having "personality." In the past, film dancers came from more diverse backgrounds--short, dark-skinned, lower class, classically trained - it didn't matter much, as long as they were talented. Today, more directors are demanding that choreographers find dancers who look and act a certain way. It is no longer solely about talent. This is ultimately Rajesh's struggle in the film - trying to fit into this new emerging reality of India.

Q&A with director after the screening

Plus free pizza and beer/soda reception downstairs at the Den of Cin.

VINAY CHOWDHRY is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and media educator. His work includes 2004's "Line of Control" on the partition of India and Pakistan. Vinay is a faculty member at the New School University's Media Studies Program and is the Media Arts Director at LREI/Elizabeth Irwin High School. In 2004, he formed the media group Hindi Kids and started producing and directing educational DVDs to teach conversational Hindi to second and third generation South Asians. He holds an MFA from Bard College's Milton Avery Graduate School for the Arts, and a BA in Film and Video from Pennsylvania State University.

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