Film Festival: 2001 Iranian Diaspora Film Festival

Sat, June 9, 2001 5:30 pm at NYU Cantor Film Center

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Alwan, The Visual Arts Group & The Persian Cultural Society at NYU
Present the

Iranian Diaspora 2001 Film Festival

Saturday 9, Thursday 14, Friday 15, Saturday 16 of June 2001

at the NYU Cantor Film Center
General Admission: $8 (Students/Seniors: $5)
Double Bills: $12 ($8)
Festival Passes: $40 ($25)


Saturday June 9, 2001

Scarecrow, Shahpour Shahbazi, Germany, 1998, 5 min, Video
(no dialogue)

I Love Vienna, Houshang Allahyari, Austria, 1991, 104 min, 35mm
(Farsi and German with English subtitles)

Mission, Parvis Sayyad, UK, 1984, 108 min, 35mm
(English and Farsi, with English subtitles)
Followed by Q&A with the director

Thursday June 14, 2001

He and She, Aviz & Teja Mirfakhraee, Norway, 1991, 5 min, Video/Animation
(no dialogue)

Walls of Sand, Erica Jordan & Shirine Etassam, USA< 1994, 104 min, 16mm
English and Farsi, with English subtitles


The Other, Said Manafi, Austria, 1999, 12 min, Video
(no dialogue)

A Few Simple Sentences, Reza Allamezadeh, Netherlands, 1986, 20 min, 16mm
(Dutch with English subtitles)

Beginning of Cold Season, Mohammed Aghili, Sweden, 1990, 26 min, Video
(Farsi and Swedish, with English subtitles)

The Border, Reza Parsa, Sweden, 1994, 36 min, Video
(Swedish with English subtitles)

Friday June 15, 2001

The Bag, Ali Zangani, Canada, 2000, 53 min, 16mm

Holy Crime, Reza Allamehzadeh, Netherlands, 1993, 53 min, Video
(English and Farsi, with English subtitles)

Followed by a panel with the filmmakers

Najeeb, Tanaz Eshagian & Taima Smith, USA, 2000, 28 min, Video
(English and Farsi, with English subtitles)

Whistle, Kouross Esmaeli, USA, 2000, 13 min, Video
(no dialogue)

But You Speak Such Good English, Parisa Taghizadeh & Marjan Safinia, UK, 1999, 24 min

The Meaning of the Night, Shoresh Mostafa Kalantari, Netherlands, 1995, 30 min, 16mm
(Arabic and Dutch with English subtitles)

Saturday June 16, 2001

Voyage, Shohreh Jondagian, France, 2000, 10 min, Video
(French, with English subtitles)

Back Street, Behjat Beam, Canada, 1999, 12 min, 16mm

Malek's Poster, Kaveh Nabatian, Canada, 2000, 22 min, 16mm

Life As It Is, Farshard Arya, Netherlands, 1998, 45 min, Video
(Dutch, with English subtitles)

Salaam, Kaveh Ghadkchian, Sweden, 1998, 5 min, Video
(no dialogue)

Shadow of Life, Daryoush Ghafouri, Canada, 1998, 6 min, Video
(no dialogue)

Chebab, Waheed Zamani, Germany, 1998, 13 min, Video

Dream in a Chrystalline Bowl, Abdi Hezarkhani, Canada, 1993, 18 min, 16mm
(no dialogue)

The Stray Dog, Farzin Farzaneh, Canada, 1998, 20 min, 35mm, Animation
(no dialogue)

Lahoot, Shahin Parhami, Canada, 2000, 17 min, 16mm
(no dialogue)

Butterfly Over Ocean, Masoud Raouf, Canada, 2 min, 35mm, Animation

Born in Absurdistan, Houshang Allahyari, Austria, 1999, 99 min, 35mm
(German and Turkish, with English subtitles)

In der Fremde/Far From Home, Sohrab Shahid-Saless, Germany, 1975, 90 min
(German and Turkish, with English subtitles)

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I love Vienna
I love Vienna
But You Speak Such Good English
But You Speak Such Good English
Born in Absurdistan
Born in Absurdistan

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