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Tue, February 23, 2010 7:30 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Special Guest Teacher: Mavrothi Kontanis

Tuesday, Feb 23, 7:30-9:00pm

$20/class (Multiple class discounts do not apply tonight)

Sami Abu Shumays welcomes his first special guest teacher to his series of Maqam Classes: vocalist and oud player Mavrothi Kontanis, leader of the Meandros Ensemble.

Mavrothi is an expert in both Ottoman Turkish and Greek music, emphasizing the continuity between practices on either side of the Aegean Sea. Together he and Sami will compare their different versions of Maqam Saba, one of many shared among the Arab, Turkish, and Greek Traditions.

This class is part of a series of music classes led by Zikrayat's Sami Abu Shumays that will sharpen the skills of musicians, and enrich the musical experience of enthusiasts.

These classes are open to people with any level of music experience. Sami, or occassional guest teachers, leads the class in singing and playing melodies in a particular Maqam (Arabic melodic mode, similar to Raga in Indian Music). Students imitate in a call-and-response fashion on their preferred instrument, or by singing, learning the building blocks of Arabic music in a way similar to how people learn language, by repeating common phrases. Sami makes these classes accessible to all by presenting musical phrases that are short and clear enough for beginners to imitate, but which have subtleties and details that only the most advanced students will grasp. Each class will focus on one maqam, and over the course of several classes students will gain an understanding of several different maqamat and an appreciation for the breadth of the maqam system.

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Mavrothi Kontanis
Mavrothi Kontanis

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