Screening & Discussion: 3rd i NY Presents: 1st NY Arab & South Asian Short Video Slam

Fri, March 18, 2011 7:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Free & Open to the Public

Doors Open 6:30pm

We will present the best in recent short videos that were submitted to an open call, that increase awareness of the creative vitality and sociopolitical realities of North Africa, the Middle East, Iran, South Asia, and their diasporas.

3rd i NY has been presenting monthly film screenings and for two years a film festival in conjunction with theater partners. We enjoy providing an informal venue to showcase local independent and experimental pieces that are aesthetically, politically, theoretically and/or technically innovative as well as serve as a meeting place filmmakers and film aficionados.

Many of the participating filmmakers will be present. They will have 1-2 minutes to introduce their shorts, and be on hand after the screening for a group Q&A. Join us for a healthy debate and cross-cultural learning.

Continue the conversation informally after the Q&A over drinks in our beautiful loft space.

About the Selected Films

60 Miles South of Boston (Gautam Chopra, USA, 2008, 10:30)

Based on the events of June 22, 2003; Patrick McManus concocts a scheme to have a pizza delivered to his New Bedford home and rob the delivery boy, a South Asian immigrant. This plan quickly spirals out of control and turns violent. Then, with the help of his estranged stepbrother, Patrick is forced to decide whether or not murder is his only salvation from prison.

Bricks, Beds, and Sheep's Heads (Imelda O’Reilly, Morocco, 2009, 20:00)

A Moroccan immigrant looks back at his life on Aid El Kbir,a celebratory Islamic holiday that occurs two months after Ramadan in which sheep are ceremoniously slaughtered and shared. Upon reflection of his fragmented past, moments are revealed as memory collides with attachment, longing, and loss.

Daud (Joel Fendelman, USA, 2009, 13:00)

Set in Brooklyn, a slice of life story of a 10 year old religious Muslim boy who one day finds himself wanting to play softball with the other kids. After changing to what he thinks is acceptable, he learns it's not so easy. This short is a teaser for the feature script “David.”Set in Brooklyn, New York post 9/11, is the story of an eleven year old religious Muslim boy Daud who inadvertently befriends four orthodox Jewish boys who mistake him for being one of them. What starts out an uneasy set of events turns to a story of friendship no matter the circumstances. A coming of age story at heart, “David” is a fresh look at what it’s like to grow up in modern day New York a Muslim and a Jew.

On Beauty (Sara Suleman, USA, 2009, 2:08)

Suleman’s works are inspired by autobiographical events that comment on femininity, displacement and gender roles. In this observational piece, a South Asian teenager gets ready for a school dance, sharing the bathroom with two white classmates.

When I Stretch Forth Mine Hand (Omar Robert Hamilton, USA/Palestine, 2009, 2:30)

Commissioned as part of a collective of personal responses (Gaza's Winter) to the 08/09 assault on Gaza - When I Stretch Forth Mine Hand uses the poetry of Suheir Hammad and a mixture of personal recordings, news material and found footage to explore personal and political tensions born of Egypt's role in the assault - and its wider relationship with Israel and Palestine.

Imami Asim or Untitled (Tractor) (Lisa Ross, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, 2009, 11:48) AND

Zulpiye's Muqam (Lisa Ross, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, 2009, 1:58)

For centuries the desert has offered divine inspiration to ascetics who set out in search of meaning. The structures in this work are created at holy sites in oasis villages and along the desert’s edge. Deeply influenced by Sufi Mysticism, a central aspect of Uyghur spiritual practice, is visitation to the tombs of saints. Vulnerable to the elements of nature such as sand and strong desert winds, these fragile monuments are forever changing. Among the materials used are branches turned into gates of passage, scarves sewn by hand into flags, and brooms to sweep away evil spirits. Pilgrimage to many of these religious sites is changing, their disappearance linked to modernization and China’s drive to develop the northwest. The director developed a close working relationship with a Uyghur folklorist and a historian that has guided this project and the creation of images that are informed by history, oral tradition, and collective memory.

Payal (Fawzia Afzhal-Khan, Pakistan, 2009, 5:07)

A music video with images of feet (payal means anklet) running through Karachi's Empress market, a visual reminder of the glory of both the British Empire and the Mughal court.


About 3rd i NY

3rd I New York’s monthly film/video/media salon is designed by local filmmakers and cultural producers to showcase the works of independent media makers of South Asian, Central Asian, and Arab descent. Providing alternative forums for these filmmakers who often have few venues to showcase their work and whose cultures and histories are often demonized or misrepresented in mainstream media, not only increases their visibility, but also provides a social forum for peers and audiences to participate in an ongoing discussion.

Our Sponsors

3rdi NY Film Programming is made possible in part by the Fund for Creative Communities, supported by NYSCA and administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Alwan for the Arts hosts our monthly screenings series. We are thankful to the SINGH Foundation for acting as our fiscal sponsor.

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60 Miles South of Boston
60 Miles South of Boston
Bricks, Beds, & Sheep's Heads
Bricks, Beds, & Sheep's Heads
Imami Asim
Imami Asim

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