Dance Workshop & Discussion: Debkah with Salma Habib

Sat, April 16, 2011 4:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Join us for a fun and long-awaited afternoon of folk dance with beloved singer and TV personality, Salma Habib.

Debkah Workshop and Discussion
4 – 5:30 pm

All levels welcome

Salma teaches debkah combinations and excerpts of choreography from the Haifa-based troupe that bears her name, Firqat Salma lil Funoun Al-Isti'iradiya. Founded by her mother in 1979, the group has drawn on traditional folk dances of the region to create a unique Palestinian dance theatre.

In addition to explaining the cultural context of debkah in Palestine and its musical elements, Salma will tell her intergenerational story of pioneering women in the performing arts – from Palestine to NYC.

$15 in advance online. A small surcharge applies, use printout as your ticket.

$18 at door

$5 discount for membersat door oronline(member IDs will be checked at door)

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Salma Habib

A multi-talented singer, dancer, actress and television host, Salma Habib is emerging as one of the most prominent Arab female vocalists in the United States. Her professional career as an artist began at the age of seven as a leading dancer in the Haifa-based Firqat Salma lil Funoun Al-Isti'iradiya(Salma Dancing Group), established in 1979, . She soon moved on to work in television, radio and the theatre. Since coming to the U.S., Habib has performed as a singer with such artists as Simon Shaheen and Bassam Saba, as well as Zikrayat. She also hosts a television show for Arab-Americans on ART America entitled Min America. She still makes time for dance as a Latin and Middle Eastern dance instructor. Habib is currently earning her PhD in Conseling Psychology at Seton Hall University.

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Salma and mother with Firqat Salma lil Funoun Al-Isti'iradiya
Salma and mother with Firqat Salma lil Funoun Al-Isti'iradiya
Salma Dancing Group  /  Firqat Salma lil Funoun Al-Isti'iradiya
Salma Dancing Group / Firqat Salma lil Funoun Al-Isti'iradiya
Salma Habib
Salma Habib

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