Musical Performance: From Spain: JAVIER RUIBAL - A Magical Journey Through the Music of Andalusia

Sat, December 3, 2011 9:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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Javier Ruibal - Vocals and Guitar

with guest

Antonio Gómez, Flamenco and Electric Guitars

Distinguished by an innovative style that combines the rhythms and cultures of flamenco, the Maghreb, Sephardic music, jazz and the Caribbean, and with vocal qualities that allow him to move freely and without inhibition in a constant, harmonious flow, the iconic singer, composer and guitarist Javier Ruibal, considered one of Spain's national music treasures, makes his debut at Alwan in an enchanting concert of original songs reflecting the many diverse influences of his native Andalusia.

Watch Javier sing "El Náufrago del Sahara" (Castaway of the Sahara)

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Tickets: $20 Regular (Buy Now*), $15 Students/Seniors/Members (Buy Now*)

Student and member IDs will be checked at the door.

*A small surcharge is applied to online ticket purchases; use printout as your proof of purchase.Tickets are also available at the door. Doors open at 8:30 pm.

About Javier Ruibal

"Ruibal sings, above all, to carnal love, but like a modern King Midas, everything he touches turns to beauty."- El Païs

"Singing songwriting's best-kept secret. Genuine, popular, intelligent and seductive."- La Razón

"To call his songs love songs is to deny their originality."- The Independent

Thirty years in the business have proven this creative musician different from all others from his culture and generation. Composer, arranger, guitarist and singer. Self-taught and unorthodox. A musician on the frontiers.This and endless more definitions have been used to define this creative mind, unclassifiable because of the supremely personal nature of his artistic work. Always letting himself get involved with and fascinated by flamenco music, but never allowing himself to be mistaken for something he wasn't: a flamenco artist. Not for lack of enthusiasm but out of deep respect for this art. However, he has a direct and significant influence on the new flamenco music as an authentic innovator of musical and poetic language.

Music and text are both cultivated with the same rigor and care that characterize all aspects of his work. Precise in his arrangements, powerful and personal on the guitar. Not only does he express himself splendidly solo, but when he decides his work needs fuller body and consistency he surrounds himself with musicians of the most creative and generous persuasion.

Born in Cadiz, Andalusia, the heterodox and self-trained Ruibal began his career in 1987 and since then has given numerous concerts in and outside Spain, both solo and with such music greats as Pablo Milanes, Joaquin Sabina, Carmen París and Carlos Cano.

Hi song texts, written by Ruibal himself, contain constant references to Spanish poetry, especially the poets of the Generation of 27 such as Rafael Alberti and Federico Garcia Lorca. He has also composed for other artists such as Ana Belén, Martirio, Javier Krahe, Pasión Vega and Mónica Molina, and has created music for film and for different audiovisual productions. His brilliant contribution to the arts earned him the prestigious Medal of Arts from the Andalusian Regional Government.

"Javier Ruibal possesses an exquisite and rigorous desire to integrate with the social history alongside which he lives. His songs are at once beautiful and responsible, intimate and participatory, personal and universal. I believe that his enduring power of conviction depends, above all, on this dual sensibility, human and artistic, which is, in the end, an unforgettable lesson."

- José Manuel Caballero Bonald, Spanish novelist, lecturer and poet

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