Discussion: Stories from Occupied America: Democracy for the 99% with Arun Gupta

Fri, December 16, 2011 7:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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For the last two months, Arun Gupta and Michelle Fawcett have visited nearly 30 occupations in 20 states, discovering a movement of breathtaking diversity and popularity. In Detroit, Philadelphia, Denver and New Orleans they found occupations trying to cope with epidemic rates of homelessness and poverty. In Lexington, KY and Nashville occupiers talked about building local economies as one solution to the economic crisis. In Mobile, AL, they met a group of 20 young activists hopeful they could change one of the most conservative cities in the South. They found Occupy movements throughout Texas and in the Reddest of Red states, Wyoming and Idaho. In Portland and San Francisco, they encountered dynamic movements trying to figure out what happens after the occupations end.

Arun Gupta will analyze the nationwide scope of the movement, looking at the role of public space and democracy, the main political tendencies, how regional issues and demographics shape occupations, organizing strategies, and what is next for this powerful new movement. Short videos shot and edited by Michelle Fawcett will also be screened, revealing what various occupations look like on the ground.

Arun Gupta is a founding editor of The Indypendent. Along With Michelle Fawcett, he is reporting on the Occupy movement for Salon, The Guardian, Alternet, The Progressive and other outlets. He is writing a book on the Decline of American Empire for Haymarket Books.

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Arun Gupta

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