Musical Performance: Gaida and her ensemble, Levantine Indulgence (at Joe's Pub)

Sat, January 28, 2012 7:00 pm at Joe's Pub

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Syrian singer songwriter Gaida is one of the most “effusive and charming vocalists in the New York world music scene.” Along with her outstanding ensemble - oudist Zafer Tawil, pianist George Dulin, buzuq player Tareq Abboushi, percussionist Hector Morales, trumpet and santoor player Amir ElSaffar and bassist Jennifer Vincent. Gaida performs “entrancing” innovative interpretations of Syrian folk songs, originals, and freestyle improvisations over Arabic grooves.

The wide range of musical styles heard within Gaida’s music reflects the diversity of her background. One song may capture the vocal finesse and tenderness of Fairuz, or highly ornate vocal stylings reminiscent of Oum Kalthoum, contrasted by a slow, sultry blues number, followed by a Brazilian, samba-like piece. These various styles flow together organically and naturally; tied together by Gaida's depth of soul and her evocative and expressive voice, which transcends genre and drives directly into the listener's heart.

This performance will take place at Joe's Pub, co-presented by Alwan for the Arts. For more information and to purchase tickets ($20), click here.

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