Musical Performance: Flamenco Avenue Quartet (FAQ)

Sat, March 10, 2012 9:00 pm at Alwan for the Arts

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The Flamenco Avenue Quartet features:
Ricardo Moreno - guitar
Javier Moreno - bass
George Dulin - piano
Franco Pinna - drums/percussion

Flamenco Avenue Quartet (FAQ) brings together the sound of Lebrija’s flamenco, the rhythm of the “chacarera” with the Bombo Legüero drum from Tucumán and the most contemporary Jazz made in New York. FAQ is looking for an energetic musical interaction where rhythm and melody take over the virtuosity, while the audience is moving into a musical trip through the most contemporary sound spaces.

The Lebrijan beat which arrives to Jerez, adds the gypsy essence from Ricardo Moreno guitar. The melodic identity from the modal free-Jazz of Javier Moreno, gives Mediterranean shadows to the impressionistic picture. Meanwhile, George Dulin emphasizes the jazz improvisation with the most New Yorker sound, and Franco Pinna combines the folkloric rhythm from Northern Argentina giving solidity to their common heartbeat pulse. - Freddy Castiblanco.

Tickets: $20 General (*buy now) | $15 Members, Seniors, Students (*buy now) available at the door or online.

(*A small online fee is applied - use printout as your ticket)

Doors open at 8:30 p.m.

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Ricardo Moreno
Ricardo Moreno
Franco Pinna
Franco Pinna
Javier Moreno
Javier Moreno
George Dulin
George Dulin

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