Around Town: Tareque Masud Retrospective: Journey Interrupted

Sat, April 13, 2013 12:00 pm at Tisch School of the Arts

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Tareque Masud: Journey Interrupted

Film Retrospective at NYU - April 13 & 14, 2013
First complete North American retrospective


12:00pm: Introduction from Sukhdev Sandhu
12:05pm: Introduction by Catherine Masud


Adam Surot (Inner Strength) (16mm, 47 mins, 1989) Dir: Tareque Masud; Cinematography: Mishuk Munier; Documentary on life & art of legendary painter S.M. Sultan.

Unison (Umatic video, 3 mins, 1994):Animated film about the unity of humankind

Muktir Gaan (Song of Freedom) (35mm, 78 mins, 1996) Dir: Tareque Masud & Catherine Masud; Cinematography: Lear

Levin: Feature length documentary film about a troupe of traveling musicians during the Bangladesh Liberation War ‘71.

2:45-3:30: BREAK


Se (The Conversation) (35mm, 10 mins, 1993) Dir: Tareque Masud, Shameem Akhter. Short fiction about a strained reunion between a man and a woman.

Muktir Kotha (Words of Freedom)
(Betacam SP, 70 mins, 1999) Dir: Tareque Masud & Catherine Masud, Camera: Mishuk Munier & others. Production: Audiovision
Documentary based on Oral history of ordinary villagers during 1971 Liberation War, responding to Muktir Gaan.


Ontorjatra (35mm, 86 mins, 2006) Dir: Tareque Masud & Catherine Masud; Cinematography: Gaetane

Rousseau: Feature film dealing with complex themes of dislocation and identity and British-Bengali diaspora.

Sunday, 14 APRIL Schedule (tentative)


Naroshundor (The Barbershop) (HDV, 15 mins, 2009)Dir: Tareque Masud & Catherine Masud; Cinematography: Mishuk

Munier: Short political thriller set in 1971. One of the first films to explore the question of “Urdu speakers” during the war.

Narir Kotha (Women & War)
(Betacam SP, 25 mins, 2000) Dir: Tareque Masud & Catherine Masud. Documentary on experiences of women survivors of war.

Kind of Childhood (Betacam SP, 50 mins, 2002) Dir: Tareque Masud & Catherine Masud; Cinematography: Mishuk Munier & others
A documentary on the lives and struggles of working children in Dhaka city, followed over the course of six years.


Panel Discussion:

Prof. Richard Peña, Dennis Doros/Amy Heller, Prof. Dina Siddiqi, Catherine Masud, Naeem Mohaiemen


Ekush (2011, HD video, 2 mins) Dir: Tareque Masud & Catherine Masud. Video song about International Mother Language Day Feb. 21st.

Runway (HD/35mm, 90 mins, 2010) Dir: Tareque Masud; Producer: Catherine Masud, Cinematography: Mishuk Munier
A feature film about a boy’s descent into radical Islam. The director’s last film.

Closing Remarks/ Reflections From Catherine Masud

Matir Moina (The Clay Bird) (35mm, 95 mins, 2002) Dir: Tareque Masud, Producer: Catherine Masud, Cinematography: Sudheer Palsane. Cannes-award winning feature film based on the director’s childhood experience in a madrasa in rural East Pakistan during the turbulent 60’s.

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Tareque Masud Retrospective NYU
Tareque Masud Retrospective NYU
Women and War
Women and War
Words of Freedom
Words of Freedom
Song of Freedom
Song of Freedom

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