Film Festival: North African Films: Saturday and Sunday

Sat, May 4, 2013 2:00 pm at Anthology Film Archive

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The Repentant

Merzak Allouache, Algeria, 2012, 87 mins

The Repentant digs deeps into Algeria’s “Black Decade” for a close look at the lingering effects of the nation’s civil war. When the government enacts a law that provides amnesty to rebels who forfeit their weapons, Rashid leaves his hide-out in the mountains and returns home to start anew. But the law cannot erase his past. A precise narrative style and distinguished performances from the cast allow Allouache to place viewers at the heart of this engaging and deeply touching story.


Sat, May 4th - Anthology Film Archives, 2pm

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Perfumes of Algiers

Rachid Benhadj, Algeria, 2012, 108 min

Perfumes of Algiers is a film centered on the personalities of a family on the verge of falling apart. Karima is an independent photographer, while her brother Murad is part of an anti-government group. Karima’s father is controlling while her mother is resentful. Escaping the reach of her father, Karima flees to Paris; yet memories hound her. When she receives a phone call from her mother, asking her to return to Algiers, Karima finds herself again in the middle of her family’s turmoil. Benhadj portrays a beautifully complex vision of Algeria through the lens of Academy Award-winning Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storraro (Apocalypse Now,The Last Emperor,The Sheltering Sky).


Sat, May 4th - Anthology Film Archives, 4pm

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Free Men

Ismael Ferroukhi, Morocco/France, 2011, 99 min

The Nazi occupation of France unites a resistance fighting against a common enemy in this historical drama inspired by actual incidents. Younes arrives in France from Algeria in search of a better life, but after landing a good job in a factory, the political turmoil sweeping through Europe with the rise of the Third Reich leaves him with few options beyond hustling on the black market. His cousin Ali is a labor activist who, after the rise of the Vichy government, begins working with the French resistance. When Younes is captured by the police, while selling unlicensed goods, he's given a choice -- he can go to jail or act as a spy, keeping the authorities posted on the activities at a local mosque.


Sat, May 4th- Anthology Film Archives, 6pm

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Nour-Eddine Lakhmari, Morocco, 2012, 111 mins

Zero is not a hard number in the equation of life; and does not add any value to it. That’s what Amin Bertale, alias “Zero”, tells us. He is a police officer in his mid thirties, pacing the streets of Casablanca, surrounded by loss and futility, and the corruption of everyone around him, starting with his subordinates. He is burdened with the care of his disabled father, from whom he bears constant curses. When he needs money, he cooperates with Mimi, to set up men looking for prostitutes. However his life changes when he meets a mother looking for her daughter. Only then “Zero” becomes a really hard number, in a merciless life.


Sat, May 4th - Anthology Film Archives, 8pm

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Hidden Beauties (Manmoutesh)

Nouri Bouzid, Tunisia, 2012, 105 mins

Surrounded by the turmoil of revolution, Zainab and Aisha are determined to change the course of their own lives. Brahim, Zainab’s fiancé, wants her to don the veil; and Hamza, Zainab’s brother and Aisha’s love interest, disapproves of the women’s lifestyle and choices. Aisha, under pressure to remove her veil from her boss at work, she struggles to balance her beliefs with the need for income. As one woman resists putting on the veil and another resists taking it off, the two friends share a common stand against patriarchy. Veteran director Nouri Bouzid portrays sensitive accounts of family drama and tortured romance against the backdrop of revolutionary turmoil in the Arab world.


Sun, May 5th - Anthology Film Archives, 3pm

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About the directors:

Merzak Allouache studied film in his native Algeria and subsequently at IDHEC in Paris. Omar Gatlato, his 1976 debut, marked the birth of the new Algerian cinema. His other films include Bab-el-Oued City (1993), Salut Cousin! (1995) and Normal, which won best film at the Doha Film Festival in 2011.

Rachid Benhadj studied architecture and cinema in Paris, before making documentaries and working for Algerian television. His first feature film was The Aggressors (1979). In 1989, he wrote and directed the award-winning Desert Rose. His other films include Touchia (1993), The Tree of Hanging Destinies (1997), Mirka (1999) and For Bread Alone (2004).

Ismael Ferroukhi gained exposure with his 1992 short film L’Expose, which won the Kodak Prize at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival. He also co-wrote the Cedric Kahn film Trop de Bonheur (1994). His directorial debut Le Grand Voyage won the Lion of the Future ‘Luigi De Laurentiis’ Award for a First Feature Film at the 61st Venice Film Festival in 2004. Free Men is Ferroukhi’s second feature film.

Born in Morocco, Nour-Eddine Lakhmari left for France to study pharmacy but quickly abandoned this to pursue his passion in cinema. His first short films shot in Oslo, Norway won him a number of accolades as well as admission to the Oslo Academy of Cinema. His first feature-length film Le Regard, released in 2005, garnered a number of awards and won over the Scandinavian and Moroccan critics. In 2008, his film, Casanegra, was a box office success and became an instant cult hit, winning awards at a number of International Film Festivals. In 2012, Zero won the award for Best Film at the Moroccan Film Festival.

Nouri Bouzid is Tunisia’s most prolific director. He began filmmaking studies in 1968 at Institut National des Arts du Spectacle et Techniques de Diffusion in Brussels. He was imprisoned between 1973-1979 because of his involvement with the socialist Groupe d’Etude d’Action Socialiste Tunisian. After his release he worked as an assistant director on several foreign films shooting in Tunisia. He made his directorial debut in 1986 with Man of Ashes which won the top prize at the Carthage Film Festival, followed by Golden Horseshoes which received Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival in 1989. In 2006, his filmmaking Of was awarded the best screenplay at the Tribeca Film Festival and won best film at Carthage.


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The Repentant
The Repentant
Perfumes of Algiers
Perfumes of Algiers
Free Men
Free Men
Hidden Beauties
Hidden Beauties

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